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The Manor School of Fine Cuisine
~ Perfect Pastry ~
Half Day Cookery Course 85
Monday 7th October 2019
Pastry making is unexplored territory and an area of cooking to be avoided for so many people. If you can make pastry successfully you will be delighted by how many new dishes will be added to your repertoire. Come and master the fundamental skills of making and baking pastry in this very hands on fun day course. You will be expertly guided through the sometimes tricky world of pastry, ensuring that you grasp the essential points and leave ready to produce perfect pastry at home.
Starting with a short crust, you will work your way through a number of different mouth watering recipes, from a basic quiche through to a spectacular pyramid of salambos, before you get to work on some sweet plum and frangipane tartlets and a puff pastry based mille feuille.
This day course will carefully guide you through making Puff Pastry, Flaky Pastry, Choux Pastry, Pate Sucre (French flan pastry) and other pastries for sweet and savoury dishes. We will not only make these pastries, we will also make a selection of dishes using them.
You will go home armed with knowledge and skills to impress friends and family as well as a dish ready to serve or freeze.
If you can make pastry successfully it open so many doors to different dishes that you will be able to tackle from around the world.
The course starts at 10 am. when guests are welcomed with tea and coffee and are given a recipe folio of all the pastries being covered on the day (which they take home).The course ends at approximately 2.00pm.
To enquire about the Pastry Making Cookery Course contact Claire on 0789 1122616 or 0115 9372181

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Pastry Making Cookery Course Half Day at The Manor School of Fine Cuisine, Nottingham