The Manor School of Fine Cuisine
(Formerly the Nottingham School of Cookery, Plumtree)
French Living
School of Cuisine
Terms and Conditions

  • 1. The course fee is payable on enrolment and will not be refunded except in the case where enrolment is not accepted for whatever reason or where the school is unable to offer a place on the course for which the student wishes to enrol. If the applicant fails to comply the School will not guarantee to reserve a place.
  • 2. Cancellation must be made in writing not less than four weeks before the commencement of the course. Any fee which has been paid in advance will be refunded-excluding 10%. The school will retain the course fee if a student gives less than 4 weeks notice of cancellation.
  • 3. If a student fails to complete a course no refund of the course fee or any part thereof will be made.
  • 4. Classes missed through illness or any other cause may not be made up nor will any part of the fee be refunded. (It is recommended therefore that insurance be taken out against cancellation for reasons beyond the student's control. An insurance proposal form will be supplied on enrolment).
  • 5. The Directors of the school reserve the right to terminate the training of any particular student at any time at their absolute discretion. In such an event Directors may at their absolute discretion undertake to repay a proportion of the fee paid.
  • 6. Neither the school nor its Directors shall be under any liability whatsoever to a student for any loss, injury or damage sustained at the School's premises whether in respect of any negligent act or omission by the School, its agents or servants or otherwise.
  • 7. Students must at all times comply with such regulations as the school may issue from time to time.
  • 8. Course fees and dates are quoted at the time of going to print and we reserve the right to make alterations as and where desired necessary or relevant. Students will be notified as soon as is practicable of any change.
  • 9. Due to terms of insurance it is a condition of enrolment that smoking is prohibited. Students are further reminded that for reasons of hygiene smoking is not allowed in the kitchen and any area used for the storage or preparation of food.

Health and Safety

Our guests safety in the kitchen is very important to us. Guidance and supervision is provided at all times. However, the school knives are sharp and occasionally people cut themselves. By booking onto a course you accept that this is your responsibility.


Insurance can cover you for many issues that could prevent you from attending your course such as travel disruption, sickness or sickness of a near relative. We strongly recommend that you look at this option to insure yourself against loss of fees.

French Living School of Cuisine.
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