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Half Day Cookery Courses in France

At the French Living School of Cuisine in Blingel, France, we will be continuing our popular series of Half Day Cookery Courses.

Below are links to the many enjoyable Half Day Cookery Courses previously run by The Manor School of Fine Cuisine, Nottingham. Some of these courses will become available at the new school.

In addition to offering fixed courses, we will also arrange personal instruction for individuals or small groups who wish to become proficient in a particular aspect of cooking such as bread making or creation of sweets, vegetarian and vegan cooking.
Maximum class size 6 guests to one professional chef.
Absolutely no washing up!

For bookings and payments contact Claire.

Half Day Cookery Courses in France at The French Living School of Cuisine, Blingel, Hauts-de-France, northern France

French Living School of Cuisine.
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